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Prof. Dr. Fiona Doetsch

Prof. Dr. Fiona Doetsch
Biozentrum, University of Basel
Klingelbergstrasse 50/70,
CH-4056 Basel, Switzerland

Phone +41 61 267 22 30
Fax +41 61 267 21 48

Fiona Doetsch is a Research Group Leader at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel. Her research group investigates stem cells in the adult mammalian brain. The aim is to define the identity, lineages and regulation of adult neural stem cells. Elucidating the molecular and cellular pathways underlying their regulation may provide insight into brain repair.

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Recent publications related to stem cell research:

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    Cell Stem Cell 19:643-652.
  • Crouch EE, Liu C, Silva-Vargas V, Doetsch F. (2015). Regional and stage-specific effects of prospectively purified vascular cells on the adult V-SVZ neural stem cell lineage. J Neurosci. 35:4528-39.
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